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Standard KAPPA 250 SERIES hydraulic cylinder with a front flange mounting option.


  • KAPPA 250 SERIES hydraulic cylinders have a normal working pressure of 25 Mpa.
  • Various seal materials available to suit hydraulic medium and application.
  • Designed to give a high degree of reliability in all hydraulic applications.
  • Ground and chrome plated EN8 rods for longer life on gland seals.
  • Cylinder barrel ST 52 honed cylinder for longer seal life.
  • Alternative ports and port positions available.
  • Mounting positions can be adjusted on customer request.

Technical Data:

- Nominal pressure:25,0 MPA (250 bar 3525 psi)
- Static test pressure:28,00 MPA ( 280 bar 3948 psi)
- Mounting position:Optional
- Hydraulic fluid:Mineral oil to DIN 51 524
- Fluid temp. range:- 30 ° C to + 100 ° C
- Stroking speed:Up to 1,0 m/s