Kappa Engineering (est. 1987) was a general engineering company which later began specialising in the manufacturing, repairing, re-manufacturing, assembling and testing of hydraulic cylinders. For three decades Kappa Engineering has been synonymous with fast turnaround times and high-quality workmanship in the hydraulic industry. 

Our technical capacity and strategic partnerships have enabled us to repair and manufacture any size and quantity of hydraulic cylinders. We have a dedicated repairs department that ensures minimal downtime as well as an advanced quality control system to make sure our newly manufactured products and repairs conform to the highest standards. 

We are proud to say we support the following industries:

  • Mining
  • Earthmoving
  • Drilling and exploration
  • Waste removal
  • Transport
  • Agriculture


We are committed to consistently maximise our profits by producing our services efficiently: thus improving growth to our shareholders, employees and clients. 
Thereby contributing more to our communities, societies and the country.


We aspire to be a leader in general hydraulic precision engineering through partnerships we have with our clients and our employees.
Building a reputation not leaning on one.
We strive to identify the requirements of our clients and produce outputs which conform to these requirements.